How To Install Flask On Windows Using pip

How To Install Flask On Windows Using pip

How To Install Flask On Windows Step By Step Guide

As you all know that there are many web frameworks in the Python ecosystem. And one of them is the Flask framework which is becoming quite popular in today’s time. It is popular for being quite robust and secure, at the same time it allows developers to develop projects faster and meet their deadlines. It’s free and open source, and it works on both Windows and *nix systems. And it’s totally free.

On Flask you can develop the back end of any web application/website very easily and in Flask you can complete the website by writing minimum code on any website. In today’s time Flask has become very popular and most of the developers like to work on Flask, if you have not heard about Flask yet, then let us tell you about Flask, what is Flask, and its Along with this, we also talk about how you can create projects on Flask.

What Is Flask Web Framework (Python)

Flask is a Highlevel Python web framework that allows for a rapid development of secure and secure websites.

Flask is a free and open source web application framework written in python. This framework is nothing more than a collection of modules which makes web development very easy. In this, they are grouped together, and allow you to build an application or website from existing sources instead of from scratch. In other words, if you are building a website from scratch, you will need to develop these components yourself. Instead of using a framework, these components are already built in, you just need to configure them properly to match your site.

Note : – To install Django, you must have Python, Gitbash Terminal and Visual Studio Code on your system…

Some Important Things To Note Before Flask Installation

Before installing Flask on your system, you have to keep in mind that you have Python installed on your Laptop or PC. If you do not know How To Install Python on Windows, then you can go to the link and see.

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Apart from this, you should also have Gitbash Terminal. Click here to Download Gitbash Terminal.

Now you have to download Visual Studio Code. You can also download by clicking on the given link.


Today we have told you how you can install Flask on your Windows with the help of Command (cmd) and pip. We hope that you will like the information given by us. If you face any problem related to Python and Flask, then you can tell us by commenting below.

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